Who is the Ranty Girl?

334563_10150770422435637_2816476_oHi my name is Abbie aka the Ranty Girl and I’m the evil genius behind this blog.

I want to start by staying I hate those ‘about’ pages on blogs that actually tell you nothing about the blog so here goes, please let me get this right now.

I’m a thirtysomething woman with a husband, a child and a cat but this blog isn’t really about me being a wife or a mum. This blog was born out of my tendency to take life’s little annoyances and get a little bit enthusiastic in conveying my opinion about those things. But I  try to make them into something we can laugh about or at least feel superior too.

This isn’t a blog about being negative but a place where we take a no-nonsense and lighthearted look at our daily lives and how we cope with them. I’m not using the royal ‘we’ here, I aim to create a community of readers who can come here for a break and a giggle and who marvel at my ability to crawl inside your brain and put your thoughts onto these pages.

I want to create a place that speaks to funny, intelligent, empowered women. Women who don’t play by the rules, women who believe what they have to say is the most important thing about them. So grab a glass of something, settle down, relax and let me worry about my blood pressure.

This is a lifestyle blog for women about life as a woman. I should have just said that shouldn’t I?


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