I’m a bitch

I’ve been called many  things in my time but one of the most frequently used is ‘bitch’. And you know what? I never take it with the spirit with which it was intended because the it’s the person calling me a bitch who has the problem not me. Quite frankly being a bitch is a good thing.


Now, i want to differentiate between a bitch and being bitchy. Being bitchy is not cool and is just you saying mean, horrible things about someone who more than likely is not around to defend themselves. Now I’m not saying I’m never bitchy, but I try to keep it to a minimum but I’m easily wound up (if you hadn’t noticed) and sometimes stuff just spills out of my mouth before I can stop it. But I am trying to get better and just keep my mouth shut when someone winds me up (even if it is totally their fault).

Bitch is a label applied to women when we are challenging, changing or telling people that things just aren’t good enough.   If I complain about service I receive in a shop or a restaurant, I’m being a bitch. Even if the shop assistant totally blanked me or my food took half an hour to arrive and was cold when did. Yes I’m a bitch for telling you you aren’t doing your job properly, how unreasonable of me to want some common bleeding courtesy when I’m paying it. And that’s just the thin end of the wedge. How about when you try to change something at work, reject the advances of a man or well anything that’s basically sticking up for yourself. If you don’t tow the line you’re a bitch.

However, calling me a bitch is fine because that just means you know I’m right, your wrong and you really don’t like it when an itty bitty girl tells you that.

So I’m going to continue to be a bitch because without bitches work/home/the world is never going to be a better place.  We need people who challenge the crap, want to make things better and accept that sometimes you gotta break a few egos along the way.

So next time someone calls me a bitch a going to thank them for recognising that I am in fact awesome and I may even give them a little blast of this if they are lucky


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