The Bad Day

So today started badly. It was pretty much FML territory from the get go and didn’t really get better as things went on.

Ok  no that’s a lie. Things weren’t that bad every traffic light I hit was green, I got to work early and I remembered my laptop and my lunch but I was in the foulest mood because I had been kept up for the best part of the night and I was not happy about this.

So cue lots of swearing, huffing and general homicidal tendencies towards anyone who even looked at me let alone had the audacity to open their mouth and try and say something reasonable like ‘coffee?’.

Rar, rar, rar I went to everyone and everything.

So desperate times call for desperate measures and in my case this means one thing and one thing only – I sing.

Now singing has become this whole elitist thing  where you are expected to be able to hit a note and carry a tune to be allowed to sing. Yeah whatevs, bollocks to that. Singing makes me happy, it makes me joyful and even if I’m not ‘good’ at it I don’t care I’m going to keep doing it because it saves me from becoming a bitch from hell.

I say………

sing like you dint care if anyone is listening

So for the last 30 mins I have been singing my little heart out and I’m now feeling less of a danger to the general public and if anyone wants to know what I’ve been singing…….

Let’s go to the mall – Robin Sparkles. If this doesn’t cheer you up, well then I can’t help you.


2 thoughts on “The Bad Day

  1. Those sorts of days are awful. I sing too (very very badly) to cheer myself up and if I can’t be bothered to even do that I find that generally listening to any music I love perks me up too.

  2. I sing when I’m angry/upset/ranting at the world or just happy. I’m not super awesome at it (I’m pretty sure I burst many ear drums at my first time at karaoke last Saturday) but its an awesome stress reliever 🙂

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