Managing your expectations

Some days life just feels like one big disappointment after another. Well at least that’s how it seems when I look around and hear people constantly moaning about how their life isn’t measuring up. But when I ask these people what they want their lives to be like they shrug and say ‘I dunno but not this shit’.

When you’re a kid it’s easy to set lofty life goals like wanting to be a actress, footballer, singer or choo-choo driver. However, for most of us the realisation that life isn’t going to be all glamour, riches and champagne sets in around the time we start listening to maudlin music and covering our eyes with a layer of greasy hair. And for those who don’t get over it, well there’s always Britain’s got Talent(?).

As grown-ups we think we become cynical but somewhere inside is that little kid wanting to believe that we can live on clouds with the Care Bears, this is troublesome bit.

That’s the bit that tells the bloke you just want a casual relationship and then moan when he just calls you for sex. That’s the bit that makes you apply for a job that sounds crap but it’s a foot in the door and your sure you’ll get a promotion within a year. That’s the bit that makes you buy a dress a size too small because it will make you lose weight.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t have dreams but if you set out unrealistic goals start with then you’re never going to achieve them and then you going to end up being one of those moaning people who thinks their life in a pile of unending crap. If you want to be a fashion model but your five foot and a size 14 you’re going to be disappointed.

It’s the same for people who want to be rich and successful and after a week of running their own business  complain that they haven’t made a million yet. It’s not like you actually have to put in any hard work to earn big bucks. You read a few quotes about dreaming big and think its all going to be smooth sailing as long as you have an inspirational screen saver.

Your expectations of life should driven by what you put in and if you get more out then bonus. I know that sometimes other people or situations seem to be the cause of your problems but most of the time you can see these problems coming, you just choose to ignore it and hope it goes away. If you don’t pay your bills you can’t be surprised when bailiffs appear at your door to seize goods.

if your not prepared to put the work in you won’t be successful, if you’re not honest in your relationships your never going to find true love and if you book an overseas holiday for £50 the hotel is not going to be built.

My advice

Dream big – work big

Want love – be honest and listen

Never expect to get more out than you put in.


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