Pick a thing

I have a lot going on. I have
-a baby
– a full time job
– a start-up business
– a blog
– a social life (well sort of)
– a house to run

Sometimes I think that maybe I need to pick just one thing and focus on doing that, and I bet one or two of you have thought that too.

The problem is I have a very short attention span and unless I’m forced to concentrate on one thing I tend to flit and change my mind on an hourly basis. Over breakfast I want to develop my career, at lunch I want to be a blogger and by dinner time I’m wanting to do my wedding business full time.

But do I really have to chose? Maybe I have bought into this ‘superwoman’ thing where you have to be super successful at one thing rather than just do a few things you like, just because you want to.

I know a lot of people have done full-time jobs around their own businesses but does it always have to be with the view that you will leave the day job? Do you need that drive in order to make your own thing work? I don’t know and right now I don’t feel like I want to make that decision.

I don’t feel like I have the time to devote to anything wholly so dipping in and out of projects keeps me interested. Maybe this looks unprofessional but I don’t profess to be a professional, just a keen amateur.

So have you had to make this kind of decision and what helped you decide? Or did you make the decision not to decide and see how things shake out over time? Or are you facing this decision too and don’t know what to do either? I’d love to hear your thoughts or advice on this one.


6 thoughts on “Pick a thing

  1. Great post – I often feel the pull between full time day job and full time blogger. It’s tiring mentally and physically at times but we push through because we’re doing what we love. As soon as we no longer love it, we should stop šŸ™‚

    • I think that’s where I am. Trying to see which I care about doing more. Everything is pretty even at the moment I feel like they all have a place in my life I just need to balance it better or something :/

      • Yeah it can be difficult and I can’t imagine throwing a baby in there too! It will always work out as you’ll drop the thing that works least for you. If all else fails, put them all in a hat and see which you pick out first šŸ˜‰ lol. Let’s hope it’s not the baby!

  2. This post definitely hit home for me on the eve of returning to work after some pretty blissful maternity leave. I’ve been busy quilting and crafting away, focusing on how I can make my money from home, but all of a sudden my time is up and still haven’t figured out how to do it! I was tempted to write a ranty blog post myself, so glad you’ve done it instead! I guess I’ll just have to stay focused in my free time but I have a feeling that everyday life may get in the way.

    • Yeah, I know exactly how you feel. I wish there was someone out there who could tell you what to do but it’s just fumbling through trying to find a few minutes to pursue what you want to. Maybe we should make a plan?

      • Yes a plan! I have just returned from a 10 hour day at work, I saw my child for half an hour and all I have the energy left to do is eat a curry and run a bath. The half finished quilt lurking next to the sewing machine has suddenly become very unappealing and my blog post for tomorrow remains unwritten. I’m failing already!

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