Random Fridays

This is a round up post that isn’t a round up post. It’s random

– Why do people say ‘it goes without saying’ and then say that thing that goes without saying?

– Do you ever wonder what you might have looked like in the eighties? I did.

The Ranty Girl

– Lots of people on Twitter moaning about missing Glastonbury but if you want to recreate the festival feeling, don’t sleep or wash for four days and start peeing in your garden.

– I have started to describe this blog to people who don’t know about it as a catalogue of reasons to drink wine, so on that note would like you to get together and drink wine with me and talk about blogging and stuff? Like in real life and shit in Birmingham, I promise no karaoke just booze and networking.

– Should I do a vlog rant so you can see how weird my voice gets when I get all ranty?

– Oh and lastly how freaking cute is this dress from My Vintage, it has minis and buttons and a Peter Pan collar, what’s not to love.

The Ranty Girl vintage dress


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