If barmen worked in banks

Something I’m always shocked about is people’s nonchalant attitude towards the gender pay gap, it’s like most people seem to accept it’s inevitability. Talk to a man about pay inequality and they say useful things like ‘well you get us to pay for everything anyway’ (yeah right) or ‘well you get free drinks when you go out’. The only way that argument works is if barmen started working in banks.

A woman walks into a bank

barman/bank clerk – ‘well if it isn’t the prettiest woman in the bank’

woman – ‘umm hi, I think I’d like a mortgage please’

barman/bank clerk – ‘coming right up, I just need to take some personal information’ he looks the woman up and down ‘I’m guessing 36″, 26″, 36″‘ He gives her his sleaziest grin and shakes, I mean types her details into the computer. ‘so do you come here often?’

woman – ‘only when I need money’

barman/bank clerk – ‘ oh congratulations we can give you a mortgage, I just need you to sign some papers’

woman – tries not to look puzzled by the papers being slid across the counter on a napkin with a tiny black straw on top ‘so how much will that be?

barman/bank clerk – ‘for a pretty lady like you it’s on the house’

male customer mutters behind woman

woman – turns around to male customer and smiles ‘It’s OK you can get it for me next time’.


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