Original Packaging: bringing you bare faced cheek

Update 26/06/2013

Following yesterday’s post I have created a project page for the Original Packaging Project page so you can continue to send in your pictures and the project will last for the rest of the year. Also don’t forget if to use the hashtag #originalpackaging for Twitter and Instagram.


So apparently the stuff I write here, you actually read and actually like and actually agree with. I know, I’m as shocked as you are.

Ok but seriously when I wrote my post about ‘original packaging’ a few weeks ago I couldn’t imagine the reaction I would get. So many of you have sent in emails, tweets, Instagrams of support and I have been blown away. Emails like this

THANK YOU for what you are doing! You are making the world a more naturally beautiful place one confidence-building picture at a time. I am completely moved by what you are doing. Don’t stop! – Alison

have made me weep a little and realise that this is a really important issue for you. People (yes I’ve even had response from guys too) have been so enthusiastic about creating a more positive image for women, that doesn’t focus on some unobtainable, flawless, photo-shopped high fashion ideal.

So here it is fresh from my folder called ‘beautiful faces’ and they really, really are……..

We have bloggers, photographers, make-up artists, mums, crafters, pin-ups and many more people represented here and if you go to Instagram and search for #originalpackaging you will see loads more pictures.

This is not the end of the Original Packaging project, I may have a few plans up my sleeves but I will tell you about that later. For the momemt remember –

no make-up; no apologies

Love your Original Packaging


9 thoughts on “Original Packaging: bringing you bare faced cheek

  1. Thanks Abbie for this. I’m finally famous! Thing is, the average woman is not confident in her appearance! I’m 40 this year, 5’9″, a size 10, modelled in my youth and know that I’m not doing too badly as I age….yet totally unconfident! Don’t know why, no one’s ever made me feel that way, it’s all down to my own dangerous brain! Make up is a lovely gift, a wonderful pick me up, but I only wish girls realised that a little really does go a long way! Enhance your original packaging if necessary not smother it 😉

    • The problem with make-up is that it’s marketing only makes us feel more un-confident ‘cover that red spot, banish dark circles’ the message is negative. I’m not against make-up at all but I would love to see it marketed in a way that made women feel less shite about themselves. As you say it’s about enhancing not masking.
      Vive la revolution!

  2. Thanks so much for including my photograph in this feature Abbie – I think this post is a fabulous idea and have enjoyed being a part of your little project. Nothing more beautiful than a natural, un-made up face. Makeup and all that, it’s fun and great to wear at times, but sometimes, you just frankly can’t be bothered. Those are the best days 🙂 X

    • I have those days a lot and I don’t have time to feel bad about it and I don’t think other people should feel bad about it either.
      I’m so glad you took part, your support means a lot 🙂

  3. Fab post and project Abbie – thanks for including my picture! As someone who suffers from not-so-perfect skin I totally get why women are frightened of showing off their original packaging, but it’s so important to realise that sometimes original is best, and makeup, although a lot of fun, is only there to enhance what you’ve already got.

    • Enhancing not masking, that the message we should be giving people. Our faces are milions of years in the making, lets not dis that with a tonne of slap 🙂 just on special occasions he he

  4. At first glance my response was ‘oh no there’s my red face in the top row’ after a deep breath my response is now ‘oh look – there’s my awesome naked face in the top row’.
    I love my lippy and my liner and I’m not about to stop, but I also love my original packaging and I’m very proud to have my naked face on your website. Thank you x

  5. Thank you for including me! It actually makes me feel better about going around with no make-up on. I’m just like everyone else under their make-up. (Mostly!)

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