Blogger without a cause

Over the last week I have been thinking about this blog and other blogs and their purpose. I suppose many of them start their lives, as this one did, as some sort of catharsis, a way to express ourselves in a way we aren’t able to in our everyday lives. However for some people the blog does become their everyday lives and although I’m not saying that I want to be a blogger for a living, I wonder what this path may look like. Essentially, what I want to know is, does there come a point where you need to feel you are doing something for more than just typing your internal monologue?

I started this blog on a whim, I was having a conversation with some people and we thought it would be funny for me to have a blog for all my rants and about 30 minutes later The Ranty Girl was born. There was no more thought into this blog than that, I think these days that’s practically unheard of, with most blog launches seemingly taking decades. They are planned, branded, targeted, press launched and here’s me going, hey look at this this’ll be a laugh. And I think you have laughed along and that pretty much all I ask for.

But I do think this blog has the potential to be something bigger than just my laundry list of life’s complaints, I think it could be somewhere women come to be inspired, to chat, to express themselves, to feel accepted, to be understood, to be empowered and of course to have a bloody good laugh.

I don’t have a huge readership but the one I do is loyal and pretty much the perfect demographic for what I’m trying to achieve and I want to reach out to more people and share what I do with them.

So over the last week you may have noticed a few changes round here, with the bit at the top of the side bar letting you know a bit more about me and seeing my cheeky little face (honestly I swear I’m sober writing this) and the new byline for the site (look up, it’s kinda funny). This is all about trying to show I’m taking this seriously and I want to make this site a success because I think the world needs this sanctuary of common sense.

So you may see more lifestyle type posts now but they will be Ranty Girl lifestyle posts, don’t expect to see me flaunting my designer, handmade, imported, made by blind nuns, cost more than the national debt of Romania cushions, just the stuff I effing love and the stuff I effing hate and the odd word of wisdom. It’s all about living the Ranty Life; that means cutting the crap and understanding what’s important.

I hope you are on board with this and will stick around to see where this takes us.


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