Original packaging is the most valuable

One thing I see a lot on social media sites, and it makes me sad every time I see it, is women apologising for not wearing make up.  It’ll often be a tweet along the lines of ‘crazy morning, taking kids to school, sorry no make-up’, or a picture with their face hiding in the corner once again asking for forgiveness for being too busy to put their faces on.

C’mon ladies give your selves break.Make-up is not compulsory, you don’t need to have a face full of slap in order to leave the house, people won’t throw rotten vegetable at you I promise. We need to start appreciating our original packaging a bit more.

Many of us have a love / hate relationship with our faces, we can nit pick about wrinkles, spots, the size of our nose or the fullness of our lips. But they are the way in which people interact with us, show emotions and allow us to communicate. They are beautiful to any number of people who know and love us and they see beyond our niggles. To them our original packaging is what is the most valuable, not the face we create with make-up.

I’m not dissing make-up at all. I love make-up, I have a tonne of it and I love experimenting with colours and looks. However, make-up should be an enhancement and not a mask.

So I have taken a picture of me, straight out the shower (ok I got dressed) but no make-up and hair not seen a brush and I’m going to post it……….


photo (8)

This is me in my original packaging, no apologies, just me.

I really want people to be ok with just being natural so I’m inviting you to send in your pictures of you in your original packaging too. I want to create a wall of faces that show that we are ok without make-up and we are happy to show our faces to the world like this.

We are capable, strong, successful, happy women who are more than just a pretty face with make-up, we are a beautiful natural faces that take on the world on a daily basis.

So are you up for it? I really hope so. If you would like to take part you can send you pictures to therantygirl@gmail.com and I will close this on the 21st June. I’m looking forward to seeing you.


2 thoughts on “Original packaging is the most valuable

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