Fecking dinosaurs and other nonsense

The best wedding photo ever?

Ok so this week is has been proposed that this (look down) is the best wedding photo ever. I’m here to tell you why it isn’t.


Huffington Post

This photo represents everything that is wrong with weddings at the moment. Weddings have become a spectacle that are more about trying to demonstrate how ‘quirky’ you are rather than about love and commitment. The rise of the ‘bloggable’ wedding has lead to brides desperately clambering for their fifteen minutes of fame by trying to desperately out do each other and prove they are the coolest bride on the block. Seriously dudes, you have to stop. I mean it just stop.

Look at the photo, just look at it. What the fuck is that about? What was their wedding theme, dinosaur massacre. I know so many romantic films end with couple and their closet friends and family getting ripped apart by a giant dinosaur, it just screams romance (over the screams of the maimed and dying obvs).

In their hurry to be ‘original’, non-traditional and the holy freaking grail ‘bloggable’ they seem to have forgotten about the wedding. You want to know what the best weddings are, the ones where the thought ‘bloggable’ never even crosses the couple’s mind. The people who only care about having their day, their way and to celebrate their love with the people who mean the most to them. Although I may have it entirely wrong and the dinosaur might be a dear family pet (if it, is it needs some serious behaviour training). Is this really how this couple want to remember this day, for me no matter what else went on that day it will be dwarfed by this stunt. You get a bit of notoriety and then bitches like me telling me you are ridiculous, is it worth it? I feel like I want to shake couples sometimes who seem to think you have to ‘throw out the rule book’ now, honestly you don’t, you take the traditional stuff and put a new and different twist on it (shameless plug) instead of going so far left field you don’t even have a wedding anymore you have a public spectacle.

Dignified departures

How do you know when someone’s relationship has hit the skids? Their Facebook posts increase tenfold.

First of all it’s song lyrics, then it moves on to ambiguous angry statements ‘some people are poison’ etc, then tagging everywhere they go (because you know they are just getting out and about and on with their lives), then pictures of any night out usually featuring plenty of members of the opposite sex, posting on said members of the opposite sexes wall some kind of innuendo, the posting ambiguous statements about their nights out ‘I can’t believe what I did last night, I’m so crazy’ , posting pictures of themselves with new hair/weightloss etc, finally changing their relationship status to single.

Facebook = how to look like a twat to everyone you ever meet on a night out and their mate.

Hanger debacle

When you’re rushing around shops trying to pick up a few bits and pieces, your husband is there tapping his foot and you just have to grab what ever is on the rails, yes that. Only to get home and realise the size on the hangar is not the size of the garment and you have had to suffer the indignity if trying on clothes that are two sizes too small before you realise your mistake. Honestly retailers what are you trying to do to me! I do not need reminding from you I am not a size 6 not am I ever likely to be so stop tricking me into buying these clothes with your mis-matched hangars. Honestly it’s like the trend, matchy matchy the hanger to the label.


2 thoughts on “Fecking dinosaurs and other nonsense

    • I probably seem like the most miserable cow but its now just another thing people will want that just adds to the wedding detritus. I’ve already seen a Star Wars version of this picture does at another wedding.
      But then I see this http://www.benjhaisch.com/blog/lauranick/ and realise there’s some balance in there somewhere.
      I just feel that some couples are all about the wedding and forget there’s a marriage afterwards and that’s a shit load harder than escaping from a T-Rex , especially the daily battle you have to just get your husband to put that bloody teaspoon IN THE FUCKING SINK!
      And breath.

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