Wedding photography: a cautionary tale

I’ve chatting on Twitter about wedding photography and although I’m from the ‘splash the cash’ on that part mindset, I wholly accept it’s not everyone opinion.

However, it’s not just about the cost, its about the quality. If you don’t check the previous work of your photographer then more fool you.

Anyway, when my husband married for the first, his then wife was well, umm how do I put this…….

a tight-ass.

She did everything on the cheap including the photographer, who was a student and had never done a wedding before. Ok, ok everyone has to start somewhere, but it should be with someone who knows what they are doing and learning along side them.

Anyway this guy decides a ‘fun’ shot would be to have the bride a groom in the middle of picture and all the guest twirling around them, taken from above. Now the guy was trying to go for a long exposure kind of thing (which sounds fucking hideous anyway). However, didn’t use a long exposure and ended up with a picture of apparently disorientated guests, wandering off in various directions looking like they’d already spent a day at the bar.

I know, special right?

One day people will learn that the price of their wedding and the costs of their wedding are two totally different things. *grumble*


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