It’s Tuesday so I must be ranting

OK so two things have been getting on my tits recently and they are in no way connected other than the fact they make me swear a lot. Or well more than usual, my language is fucking dreadful.

The right to bear children.

The debate about who should have children seems to constantly rattle on in the media either portraying women as lazy scroungers if they don’t work or absentee mothers when they do. So unless you are the very small proportion of people who can afford to have children on one income and without any state support you can’t bloody win.

Answer me this where does it say that you need to earn so much in order to have children? Most people work (honestly they do) which means that they will make a calculated decision about whether they can have children, probably find they can’t and do it anyway. Others for whatever reasons have children and they have to rely on state support to raise them, this doesn’t mean they don’t work, you can work and be on benefits (just putting that out there). But you can’t make people have a credit check every time they have sex just in case they conceive and the fact is we need to reproduce for the sake of the economy. If we don’t have children who is going to earn the money and do the jobs when we all want to retire?

If only those who could ‘afford’ to have children did so then there would be millions of OAPs relying on what 10,000s of people to run the country, yeah that’ll work. And think about this, if we did say you can only have children when you earn X amount does that mean everyone earning over that HAS to have children to keep the economy going? Yeah, how do you like them apples? I don’t have any solution here but I’m sick of people equating good parenting with the amount of  money you earn. As the Beatles said ‘money can’t buy you love’.


I like my jeans, I wear them a lot but there are times when I would like a change. So I went shopping on Saturday to have a looksee at what alternatives there were available. I can tell you…….NOTHING! You see a rail of tops and the bottom half alternative- jeans. Sometimes they try and trick you with coloured jeans but they are still jeans. What if I just want a nice, quirky, casual pair of trousers? No you can’t get those but there are some nice plain black work ones over there (I literally fell asleep looking at them). you know what the high street answer is to the jeans alternative…………chinos, fucking chinos! Look at my face, do I look like I want a pair of bollocking chinos. High street, you need to do a lot better. Lazy arses. Fucking chinos.



2 thoughts on “It’s Tuesday so I must be ranting

  1. This made me chuckle…particularly the fact you clarified that the two are in no way linked! I am a dress/skirt gal. I literally do not own any black trousers. The only things I own with 2 legs to them are 3 pairs of joggers (1 for lounging, 2 for exercise), & two pairs of jeans (1 for fat days, 1 for thin). I hate shopping for ‘bottoms’ for the exact reasons referenced above. And you are my swearing icon: particularly for the use of ‘bollocking’ in this post.

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