Get over yourself

I think I must have told dozens of people to ‘get over themselves’ over the years, mostly in my head but sometimes it just gets blurted out but I don’t think I’ve ever really considered what I actually mean when I say this. I mean to psychically get over yourself you’d have to be a contortionist or something similar and although I’m sure my readers are sprightly bunch  I can see many of you getting your legs over your head much.

‘Get over yourself’ just seems to be one of those phrases borne out a Hollywood movie script, that has fallen in the everyday vernacular along with other nuggets like ‘closure’ and all that bollocks. Nevertheless I started to think about what it actually meant, aside from being a feat of elasticity, and how to we create the ‘selves’ we need to get over in the first place.

If the geneticists are right much of ourselves is predetermined even before we hit the deliver table, but I don’t think anyone can ague that life experiences are just as important as building blocks for our personalities.

I suppose this is the stuff the kids call ‘baggage’, in other words the emotional memories we carry round with us that help us make decisions on a daily basis. These can come from many sources, relationships, education,  work or some misc category that probably involves alcohol.

These things effect the way we see ourselves and the way others see us. It can effect our confidence and self-esteem and how we react to people and situations (if you are me that means awkwardly). The problems arise when this so-called baggage start to pile up and instead of carrying it around it just gets dumped at your metaphorical feet and becomes an excuse for not doing things.  You can find yourself stuck behind a pile of shitty experiences and build yourself a little safe space where by doing nothing you feel better. Which is great if you want to spend your life alone (you may want to paint yourself green in that case and consider stealing a religious holiday).

My most recent outburst of ‘get over yourself’ was to the (supposed) business woman Katie Hopkins, whist she was being interviewed on TV about something or other. She and her self-made ilk make a career from creating these immovable walls from which they blart out their cartoonesque opinions on anything and everything. Katie Hopkins is now nothing more that a pantomime character, producing ‘boos’ where ever she goes and looking for her dignity, ‘it’s behind you’. She is a characacher of a right-wing woman, wheeled in the spotlight every time the media want to make women look stupid. She has no actual credibility just a toy, TV presenters can wind-up and watch her go.

The problem with people like her is that they refuse to move on, they are scared to, they won’t change because they don’t know what will happen to the modicum of success they have gained. Even if this is at the expense of their future, the most successful people in the world are those who change and take risks.

We all need to assess the stuff we have carry around with is and dump the junk, clearing a path for us to move forwards with the good stuff still in tact. All good businesses will re-brand every once in a while  and you should re-brand to the person you want you want to be in the future and not the person you were in the past.

It’s so important for us all to get over ourselves once in  while otherwise will we never get to see the great things we are missing. Let face it you don’t want to end up like Katie Hopkins do you? DO YOU?!


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