Sleep deprivation

There is nothing worse for someone of an already grumpy disposition, than that person only having 3 hours sleep and for all of that sleep to have occurred before 1am.  Needless to say today I’m like proverbial bear with the sore head, only poke that bear with a stick a few times and you might be somewhere near my mood today.

But what makes it worse is as soon as you tell people you haven’t slept they start reeling off a myriad of things you should have done to get to sleep.

Why didn’t you –

Have a bath

Having a hot milky drink

Use some lavender oil

Read a book

Yeah thanks for that where were you and your great suggestions at 3am this morning. Plus coming from an habitual insomniac, they are all, as Sheldon Cooper would say, hokum.

Why do people have this incessant need to ‘fix’ you all the time. Sometimes all we want is just someone to be understanding and make us a cup of tea (and maybe chuck in a biscuit as I’ve been up all night and I need the sugar).

So I shall now drag my unwilling body through the rest of the day and urge people to keep their comments, proposals and suggestions about my condition to a minimum and just put the kettle on.



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