Return of the rant, it is…..

I may be a bit rusty at this so let’s see how this goes *cracks knuckles*

3D movies

Has anyone else noticed that 3D is actually shit? It adds nothing the overall viewing and you have to pay extra just to watch the same film that is available in the next screen for about a fiver less. You look like a total dork in those glasses and they just end up giving you a headache. A shit movie, is a shit movie regardless of some ridiculous gimmick, if you want to see something more life like go and see a play. If you want further proof of how idiotic 3D movies are, check out the morons on the way out still wearing their glasses like some pathetic hipster wannabes.

Daytime TV adverts

No wonder this county is going to the dogs, daytime TV is nothing but a series of adverts practically discouraging people from work. Firstly you can sue anyone who looks at you funny, if that fails take out a payday loan, you can than claim back the PPI you were apparently mis-sold on said and then blow that on online gambling sites. Repeat. Also Galdstone Brookes your adverts are annoying. FACT. When they come on I turn to a different channel. FACT. You need a less wanky advertising campaign. FACT.


People who go use social media to brag about stuff they have bought but it’s never anything from Tesco or New Look. No, it’s always something from some boutique, or fancy online store so they look like they have loads of money or are far too interesting to buy things from the High Street. What really annoys me is when these people haven’t even bought this stuff they just make out they have to look aspirational. They might as well call their blog ‘I am considerably richer than yow’. Yawn, we all know you are not that interesting, if you are going to recommend products than do it for stuff you actually use and have a little back bone, it just might not be as fancy as the one you’d like us to think you have.

Bricking it

So Samantha Brick has been at it again and now it’s chocolate in the firing line. Well if she doesn’t want it I’ll have it and when I’ve munched my way through the extra large bar of Dairy Milk I’ll send her the empty wrapper so she can SUCK IT.


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