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When I started my maternity leave I though it would be a great time to catch up on my ever growing Google reader list, I have managed to subscribe to hundreds of blogs over the years but never get chance to read them. So while I’m waiting for this baby to make an appearance I thought I could keep up with the bloggers but after a couple of days I realised this was not going to happen. The reason is that most blogs make me do this  ujhymk,ihuj cnvdrvbhrwjb cnvhrhvbhjvb dknv rjv nfdk fj (this is what happens when my head hits the keyboard and I fall asleep).

My god blogs are boring! So many seem to be devoid of any personality at all and have become formulaic and corporate, all because everyone seems to want to be a professional blogger. You start out with the vision of becoming a sponsored blog and then wipe out all traces of any individuality so you don’t put of potential advertisers. What are you left with, a blog just like every other one on the planet.

You like the same products, people and talk like a bunch of American teenagers who go around squealing and are obsessed with non-slip socks and telling us about the activity of your inbox.

I think writing a blog just to make money by sacrificing your personality must be totally soul destroying and can’t be a recipe for long term success. What if you only get sponsors who you don’t like or who are crap, do you really want you site associated with someone you don’t respect? If the purpose of blogging is a way out of your day job and into some sort of perceived freedom,  then surely you’re defeating the point by ending up writing a faceless corporate blog for the benefit of your sponsors.

This blog will never have sponsors as I will not compromise my writing to please paying guests and lets face it who would want to have their brand associated with a moody cow blog. I write for me and for anyone who wants read it, not to drive traffic to other people’s sites.

How about just writing a blog for the enjoyment of writing and sharing your passions and not with the purpose of making money, that’s how the really successful blog work. They write for their readers and not their sponsors and that’s why they have a loyal following. Your blog is about the bit in the middle of the screen and not the bit down the side.


5 thoughts on “Blog a job

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  2. If I was the owner of ‘Kick Ass Ltd’ or ‘Bite Me and Sons’, you’d be my first port of call. 🙂 If only there was a ‘Bite Me and Sons’ – wonder what would they sell? Another great post Ranty Girl…keep ’em coming! x

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