Lose weight using this one weird tip

However you feel about weight loss it’s probably something we all attempt to do at some point in our lives and everyone is always looking for the easy option.

I wouldn’t say I have struggled with my weight as that would be an over-exaggeration, but when you bulimic sister blames you for her condition because you put on weight as a teenager you do become a little bit conscious of  it. So when I saw the photos that came back from our pre-wedding photo shoot I wasn’t entirely happy with how I looked and decided to lose some weight for the wedding (this does not make me evil).

I managed to lose almost a stone and seemed to become some sort of oracle for other women trying to lose weight. They look at me with hopeful eyes as they ask  ‘how did you do it’ waiting for me to share my amazing weight loss secret with them.  I beckon them closer, tell them that it was really strange but all I did was two things.

Eat less and move more!!

Yup sorry people if you want to lose weight you are gonna have to stop eating so much and do more exercise. Simple as that.

Unless you want to undergo major surgery you need to put down the cake and get you arse to the gym as there is no ‘weird tip’ that doesn’t essentially boil down to the above.

So Facebook advertisers when I see your stupid weight loss adverts in my timeline just because I’m a woman please know that I’m sat here with my middle finger erect at the screen and I’m calling you a bunch of knobbers.


2 thoughts on “Lose weight using this one weird tip

  1. I agree with this statement and it was also said by a specialist from a weight loss Toronto program, where I’m going for one month now. It’s great that I’ve learned what to eat, how much and also I’m doing lots of exercises in order to achieve a slim, fit body… I’m sure that I will make it!

  2. Ha… You are so right…… Its not rocket science and even the poor people who have a serious problem with metabolism is because they eat the wrong types of foods such as over processed, unnatural and drink sugary drinks with sugar and additives …. all which completely mess up your system and create addictions. (the fault of the government and food industry….. something else to rant about)
    Eat less…. make it natural… and move more…

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