There’s always one (or several hundred) who ruin it

Well done to Danny Boyle on a fantastic Olympic opening ceremony on Friday, after a shaky start (did think Peter Jackson was going to get up the next day and wonder where the fuck his set had gone) it was an absolute bloody triumph. But as usual there were people out to ruin it for everyone and surprise, surprise it was the Tory boy tweeters. Most infamously Aidan Burley MP who tweeted ‘Thank God the athletes have arrived! Now we can move on from leftie multi-cultural crap. Bring back red arrows, Shakespeare and the Stones!’  but I also spotted this (not an MP but according to his bio a maverick Tory) from Toby Young  ‘I feel like I’ve just watched a £27 million Party Political Broadcast for the Labour Party’.  

What a pair of tossers and just goes to prove how out of touch the Tories are. The fact that the nation was getting behind Danny Boyle’s vision of Britain, celebrating what is important to the people of this country (YES that includes the fucking NHS) and they we’re sat there berating it, only furthers my belief that the Tories have no idea about life in Britain today. I doubt we would have got the same sense of national pride if we had a bunch of bankers swing dancing and swigging champagne.



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And the corporate sponsors; what a bunch of knobs you are. It’s a bloody disgrace that hundreds (if not thousands over the course of the games) of seats have lain empty because they were given to corporate sponsors who could even be arsed to turn up. The only positive thing is that these people are so bloody arrogant as to have been filing our TVs with you adverts proclaiming yourselves as Olympics sponsors so now I know who to avoid ever buying products from. Thank you, you tossers.



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