Controversy is lame

OK so you’re sat at your computer and looking at your rather disappointing webstats and trying to figure out how to get more people to visit your site so you decide to post something controversial. STOP! Don’t do it, it’s the lamest way to get people to your site and makes you look like a twat.

If you set out to write something just to annoy or upset people you’re no better than the trolls that leave nasty comments on other people’s sites and if you are just trying to capitalise on the debate generated by someone else post then you are pretty much just flogging a dead horse. I’m so sick of seeing people telling me that their latest post is controversial, or debating whether they should post it or not just to drum up a bit of drama. It’s pathetic.

Articles that genuinely create debate are those that don’t set out to be controversial but are thrust into controversy territory by the small minded people who are threatened by what that person is saying or doing.

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Celebrities are the worst for using so called shocking behaviour to gain a few column inches; appealing to the Daily Mail readers of the world to boost you’re notoriety is a lot easier than having actual talent right? It’s the reason I can’t stand Katy Perry, her single about kissing girls was nothing more than an attempt to shock by singing about her fake lesbian tendencies. This was not about promoting gay rights or anything so noble, in fact it was probably more damaging to the gay community by suggesting that homosexuality was just something you dabble in on a night out but still have your proper heterosexual relationship to go home to. The calculated way this song was designed to propel her into the spotlight by trivialising  lesbianism leaves me seething, I can actually feel my blood pressure rising while I’m typing this. Karen Gillan did an awesome parody on the Kevin Bishop show which basically sums this up but copyright forbids me being able to show you the video. Wank.

Proper controversy doesn’t seek attention, issues are thrust into the spotlight  by scared people who are frightened of anything new or different. Anyone who knows about carpetgate will know exactly what I’m talking about. If you are creating controversy that you never sought out then you’re probably pushing some boundaries and that is cool! Do that. If you are doing something just to be dramatic that is not cool. Don’t do that.


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