The importance of Timmy Mallet

Yesterday morning I was being urged by some lovely ladies on Twitter to get my hospital bag ready so if I went into labour whilst moving I wouldn’t have to unpack a load of boxes to find my stuff. This is a pretty practical suggestion, no?

So I go off and discuss with my husband if I can empty a small suitcase and use it as my bag, just in case. We have used all our our suitcases to pack stuff for the move and by emptying it it would mean finding somewhere else for the stuff to go, hence theĀ discussion. He said no, we probably didn’t need to bother and this was his logic.

I currently have just over five weeks to go until the baby is due, which in my husband’s head is pretty much as long as the school summer holidays. So he says ‘you’re still only in the first week, you would have barely had time to get into WAC-a-day by this point, Timmy wouldn’t have even gone to Egypt yet’. WTF?

Yes people this is what I have to put up with and you wonder why I’m ranty. So the upshot is I have no hospital bag and a husband whose idea of packing is this.


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