I was saddened, nay devastated at the news that The Voice UK has had to cancel it’s tour because of low ticket sales. I was also shocked to find out that the winner’s (I use the term loosely here) debut single failed to chart in the top 40.

Not only was a The Voice groundbreaking TV, the concept of hopeful young faces singing for four industry ‘professionals’ was truly revolutionary (rolls eyes) but they had an engaged audience who every week picked up a phone and PAID to vote to keep in their favourite act.

So I have to wonder what has happened to this audience?  They liked these people enough to pay to vote for them week on week but when it came to supporting them in the real world they seem to have waned somewhat. Are people so easily manipulated by the media into acting in certain ways that they will pick up a phone and vote when told to but remove that stick and they just suddenly stand still and start looking round like livestock for their next set of instructions from the big glowing box in the corner?

And if this behaviour isn’t worrying enough these are the same mindless automatons that vote for the people who are actually in charge of the country.

In charge of the country, people!!

Not some talent show but the whole fate of the nation is in their easily manipulated hands. Is it just me who is terrified by this thought?


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