Just having a moan

A little collection of crap that has had me wearing my ranty pants recently.

Junk food: I was on the train a few weeks ago where I was in the company of the most lovely family. The Mum was showing off her new bag which she loudly announced was Cath Kidson fake, not ‘in the style of’ it was a fake, which pissed me off. They were on their way to the big city, a trip out of the provinces and the most exciting thing about this trip was the visit they were going to pay to McDonalds. Oh yes this was ‘treat’. A treat? WTF? How low do your aspirations have to be that feeding you kids food overloaded with fat, salt and sugar, prepared by someone who catering training runs to ‘this is where you turn the fryer on’ is considered a treat? Feeding your kids McDonalds  should be a punishment, the box it comes in has more nutritional value, when they call it junk food the clue is in the title. But if we insist on lower our children’s expectations should we be surprised when they come out with shite like this……………..

@kurtcobain: So most people with a brain between their ears and are over the age of 14 know that Justin Beiber is a twat and that his fans are even bigger twats and stuff like this only go to show this to be true http://www.buzzfeed.com/mjs538/the-worst-justin-bieber-fan-tweet-in-the-history-o?sub=1621954_366370 How some silly little girl can draw a comparison between the hormone fueled tweens who have nothing better to do with their time than tweet about some flash in the pan singer, to someone who wrote a seminal album and changed the face of the music industry in the early 1990s completely baffles me. Although I have to say nothing would give me greater pleasure than to see a posthumous twitter account set up for Mr Cobain which surpasses the following of Beiber within a few days just so show this little twat how delusional she really is.

An expensive clothes horse: So you hire an assistant, she’s really pretty, really well dressed, has great hair and makes fabulous tea but had no administration skills what so ever, what do you do? Well sense would tell you to sack her as she isn’t doing the job you pay her to do. So can someone please explain to me the point of Cheryl Cole?


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