Who cares about celebrity weddings

Not me that’s for sure – so I used to get really annoyed when I used to buy wedding magazines and find them full of  celebrity wedding ‘inspiration’.

Most of the celebrity weddings featured were quite frankly boring and the photography was bloody awful. I hardly ever saw a celebrity wedding that wasn’t a display of wealth at the cost of anything resembling an original idea.

This is why was so glad to find wedding blogs, it was like a sanctuary away from the bland dullness of celebrity weddings and a place where I could actually see something different from endless rows if chair covers and gravity defying tiered cakes.

I saw a tweet from a magazine the other day extolling the ‘idea of the day’ to have a spa hen weekend like some singer – WTF? That’s hardly friggin’ new.

I can understand it must be hard to be a magazine as you have a revolving door of customers and probably feel like school teachers stuck with a curriculum you have to keep trotting out. But the success of blogs is that they look for inspiration from a whole raft of quarters and don’t ram celebrities down our necks like they are the be all and end all.

I think in the worst thing about celebrity weddings is the way they can actually stiffle creativity and just end up with people plain ripping off other people’s work. I think it was hours after the announcement that the dress at the Zuckerberg weddings was a Claire Pettibone number we saw within hours people offering ‘versions’ of the dress. One that’s pretty disgusting to knock off someone else’s work and two why would wear a dress jut because it was worn by a celebrity? It would probably not suit a lot of people, so you’d be prepared to look rubbish on your wedding day just to tell people you have such and suchs dress? (Claire your dresses are beautiful and I’m sure they would look amazing on a whole range of women but you know what I mean (also like she will be reading this)).

Less celeb wedding and more real life ones please, they are just more interesting.


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