We all love a bargain? Too friggin’ right I have a bathroom cabinet full of cosmetic samples, if I see a give away in a department store I’m the first in the queue. But giving stuff away for free can start a dangerous precedent.

I ‘dabble’ in the wedding industry as you may know and I work with a lot of small business owners in both the wedding and vintage industry and I can tell you what hacks us off more than anything else is people expecting us to give up time and resources for free because someone thinks they are doing us a favour because we are ‘the little guy’.

I learnt the hard way about doing stuff for free and you’re not only devaluing your time and skills, you are devaluing your peers. Once one person starts doing stuff for free this then becomes expected. I have a full time job and I expect to be paid for every hour of work I put in and why shouldn’t I expect that when I’m working just as hard for my own business.

Now I’m not saying that you shouldn’t do some work pro-bono if it’s legitimately good for your business or good for your soul (we all know how high profile collaborations can prove to be very lucrative) but when someone is asking you to do something for free just because they can’t be bothered to put the work in themselves or they are just being feeky chuckers is just not on.

If you’re working you should be getting paid – it’s just sensible people!


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