Only yesterday was a Conservative party member accusing her party leaders of being ‘arrogant posh boys’ who were out of touch with modern life and creating policies that didn’t serve the average British person.

Well I can now confirm this is completely wrong. Today in the midst of a row on the cost of housing in London our very own housing minister, Grant Shapps, was able to diffuse the situation by advising that despite claims by the London Borough of Newham there is a shortage of low-cost properties for rental in their area, he was able to find 1000s of properties when we did a search on Rightmove this morning.

I’m sure it comes to you as a great comfort that the government are using the best resources available on which to base their policies. I heard that the health and social care bill was decided by how many likes Andrew Lansley got on Facebook.

Following Mr Shapp’s claims a quick ring around by a journalist from the Guardian enquiring about whether these properties were available for people claiming benefits revealing that the minister isn’t familiar with the term ‘No DSS’.


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