Don’t believe the hype

Ok so you probably know what I’m gonna say but hell I’m still gonna say it anyway…….

Blog pimping is so f’ing annoying!  

Yes I know you want to drive traffic to your site and I’m sure that vintage wedding photoshoot you have is super interesting and original (whoops was that your birdcage I just fell over) but stop tweeting about it every bloody minute of the freaking day!

Would you have a conversation with someone where every minute you repeat a random sentence over and over and over again? Probably not and if you did you would probably need to seek some kind of medical attention.

By constantly tweeting links you look desperate, I have an image of you in my head sat looking sadly at Google analytics real time hoping that your constant drone might actually get you some visits. This image make me sad people, stop doing it!

AND the thing that makes me really mad, I mean sweary in real life and looking slightly deranged is over hyping of supposedly controversial posts. Come on people most of the blogs I read are about weddings and fashion and believe me no one has every said anything that is going to change the world.  Most of the ‘controversial’ posts are about whether vintage weddings are in or out, blog bitchiness or whether you should take your husbands name. Copyright infringement is about as serious as it gets. I read political blogs too and honestly they aren’t anywhere near as dramatic as wedding and fashion bloggers (apart from their overuse of the word ‘slammed’ when anyone in any seat of power says anything remotely negative).

So they write these ‘controversial’ posts, get all coy about it and then tweet 17000 links to it for the rest of the day. Well you ain’t fooling me buster.

I propose that all future hype related tweets are coded thusly <hype> OMG, I’m so nervous, this is amazing, check out the birdcages text </hype>


4 thoughts on “Don’t believe the hype

  1. Am so with you on this one hence why some people have found themselves unfollowed! Couldn’t be doing with so much “controversy”! ; )

  2. I Like your post, and totally agree… but to argue the case for these people, I suppose they have to find ways to drive people to the site if it is their business….

  3. I understand having to drive visitors to your site but what I hate are bloggers who fill up twitter feeds with a plug every few minutes and I’m not exaggerating. If I saw that kind of behaviour I would be less likely to visit a site as it looks really desperate.

  4. I would agree and I also try to limit my ‘pimping’ with any blogging, tweeting and Facebook updates because I’ve witnessed the insane and continuous posts in both personal and business accounts.
    It doesn’t take much to ‘google research’ etiquette, hints and tips.

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