Banging heads

Right I’m back because so many people out there are being stupid it’s made my ranty senses tingle.

OK so some-things to consider when deciding whether to fill your tank up with petrol

1) there hasn’t actually a been a strike annouced

2) and if they do they have to give 7 days notice

3) the country is currently being run by a bunch of clueless idiots who haven’t said anything intelligent since coming into their ill gotten power

4) you actually have a brain, can make decisions for yourself and don’t actually have to believe the hype (this goes for lots of things but that’s for another day).

5) if you see a queue despite the fact you are British you don’t have to join it. I know its hard for you but resist, RESIST!

Now can you all engage brain and stop acting like idiot automatons, I’m pregnant and this is not good for my blood pressure.

And all you smug public transport users, don’t you lot start – it’s petrol that makes buses go.

Right that’s enough banging heads for the day – now play nice or I will be back and you don’t want that do you…….


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