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I remember reading a while back about this girl who got sacked because she updated her facebook status with ‘I’m bored’ whilst at work and then got the sack. Now this girl seem totally perplexed by the fact that this action resulted in her getting fired but what did she expect. By saying this she effectively admitting she was not working when she was supposed to and that she didn’t like the job she was being asked to do (and probably breaking rules about using the internet during working hours).

But this girl is not on her own and I cannot recall the countless times I’ve seen people slag off their employers on social networking sites. Are you people just stupid or are you actively seeking unemployment? I really do wonder if people actually consider their behaviour in the work environment at all any more?

Some of the things I have seen flying round in emails at past employers, like people publicising their own businesses to everyone on the county council’s mailing list. Honestly dumb ass you thought this was a good idea and you act all shocked when HR pull you up on the appropriate use of mass emails.

It’s like when you are in a shop and over hear the assistants chatting about their love lives and how drunk they got last night. You really think this is how a professional should act? I was working in a office once where a woman was very loudly discussing the fact she had to get the morning after pill because she had unprotected sex with some bloke she met that weekend!! WTF?

I kinda blame email for this as when business was run by the formal communication of letters I think a lot more care was taken about the content. Now people can just whack off an email and it’s gone before you can think about what you’ve said and how it might be interpreted.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion about their work place but you shouldn’t be surprised if you lack professionality you also end up lacking a profession.


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