Funny as f**k bride

I have a habit of not taking life too seriously, I tend to make a joke out of a lot of stuff and this didn’t stop when I got married. I’m one of those people who feels uncomfortable at overly formal events and usually ends up giggling in the corner. So when I was reading all these wedding mags with pages about wedding etiquette, you know who should sit where and who should pay what. I thought f-that;  I’m doing it my way.

Now, trying to convey this outlook to the people involved in my wedding was somewhat challenging.  The venue especially didn’t seem to get my ‘vision’ when I was explaining about the 3D glasses and asking if we could have a room to set up the Rockband stuff, I was met with blank looks.

People in the wedding industry do take their work seriously and that’s absolutely right that they do but that doesn’t mean brides have to. I’m not creative , not one little bit, but stamping my sense of humour on the day was they way I put my personality into the wedding. So many brides get caught up in what they ‘should be doing’ but not thinking about what they actually ‘want to do’. I think not taking the whole thing too seriously made the whole planning process so much more enjoyable, there were no hissy fits or bridezilla moments and I enjoyed the day a whole lot more as I was just happy to go with the flow.

I love seeing other weddings from brides (and grooms) who let their sense of humour loose on the day or even before hand (remember the zombie engagement shoot). I’ve often thought that if I was to have started a wedding blog (before the Hen House days) I would have loved to have done a funny bride blog. There are many girls out there, like me, who aren’t particularly creative but could do something funny instead.

I wholly invite someone to steal this idea.


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