A daily rant

When I started this blog it didn’t really have any kind of structure and was just a load of random thoughts on a screen.  I think now it seems to have developed some sort of formula of ‘daily rants’ like this and more themed rants or as I like to think of them ‘those things that age me most’. I’ve been accused of ranting all my life but I prefer to think of it as being passionate and a little tiny bit opinionated but not so much you notice. Anyway enough of this blah and on to the good stuff.

Liar, lair – Has anyone noticed if David Cameron has someone with a fire extinguisher following him around these days to put out the fires that must be constantly starting in his pants? This weeks flaming underwear moment came when he claimed that government polices had caused private rents to drop….. hang on David you must have missed the figures that came out which says that rents have continued to rise AGAIN. A public school education and he still can’t understand what it when the arrow goes up (another school leaver without basic maths skills, now we begin to understand why he’s never had a real job).

Skanks – yes you girls who go out in pajamas and ugg boots, you are skanky.

Meat guilt – if you want to eat meat that’s entirely up to you, I don’t eat meat and that’s up to me. Just because you have some underlying guilt about eating meat don’t take it out on me by trying to foist it on me. When people ask you why you don’t eat meat it’s ok to say that you don’t like it but if you say I don’t because I think it’s cruel then the meat eaters practically try and ram the stuff down your neck. If you feel bad about eating meat than come over to dark side, we have tofu.

Mad Men – This show is set in the 1960s NOT the 1950s. Please get this right when you are blogging, photoshooting etc or I will get angry.


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