Call the fashion police

We often have dress down days at work but I object to this idea and the last one we had I wore a fifties style swing dress and full petticoat as I don’t think dressing ‘down’ isn’t fun at all. So the other days when I was walking behind a pair of tracksuit clad ‘chavs’ talking as if JD sports was the locus of their universe I felt my blood pressure rising.

Do these people actually own mirrors? How can you think a manky pair of trainers and some skeevy tracksuit bottoms makes you look good? It’s like your taking fashion inspiration from the kid at school who had an ‘accident’ and had to dress from the PE lost property bin. These people can’t even seem to dress themselves properly with their tracksuit bottoms barely pulled up over their legs and baseball caps balanced precariously on their slicked down heads.

Sports wear should only be worn for sports, the clues in the bleeding title (or maybe cleaning and decorating). I long for the days when people actually dressed up to be seen in public rather than looking like you have just rolled around on the floor and seeing what’s dirty enough to stick.


3 thoughts on “Call the fashion police

  1. brilliant as ever and totally agree – its always worn by yoofs with pinched faces and girls with ‘Croydon facelifts’….makes me shudder in the horror of all that man made fibre

  2. What I never understand is how those gravity defying Tracksuit bottoms stay up. Its like there’s a magic force keeping them up-why would you do it? I constantly feel like I have to yank them up!! I’m so old!!

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