Ranty New Year

Yeah, yeah I know I’m a bit late to the party but I’ve been a bit busy with real life for ranting so my husband has been bearing the brunt of my rants over the last few weeks. He’s a lucky man.

Well I will not be making any new years resolutions as in my 32 years I have never been able to make any significant changes to my personality or habits as quite frankly I’m far too lazy to put the work into self improvement. I’m comfortable with my flaws and not about to change for the benefit of any0ne else.

I have never seen what the big deal about new year is all about anyway, it’s just another date. I can’t say I have ever met someone who has decided on January 1st to make a major life change that has actually materialised. It’s just another thing people can use to make them selves feel bad, but with no real driver for change. If your going to make any real life changes then it’s only ever going to work if there is a major trigger. I know there is no point on January 1st me saying ‘ I’m not going to drink wine any more’ but I do know that if I was pregnant I would actually stop drinking wine.

Making resolutions to change when your heart isn’t in it will never work. So lets shake of this ridiculous idea that come the New Year we will all become better people, because in reality we are still  the  same hungover person we were last year.


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