Just two things…

The two things that have been mostly annoying me this week are:-

Literary decimation – the Charles Dickens classic novel is called ‘A Christmas Carol’ not ‘Scrooge’! What is it with film and TV types, do you actually pick up the book before you go and butcher it. DON’T even get me started on what they did to ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’

Same shirt different shelf – can somebody please explain to me how you can charge over £60 for a rugby shirt that has one design and all they have done is change the colour a couple of times? What exactly am you paying for? These shops don’t even provide hangers, everything’s folded up a bloody table and if you even look like you are going to unfold it the shop assistants are whipping their heads around in your direction giving you a look like they can read your credit history. And why do these shops always smell weird, it’s like the whole experience is designed to distract you from the fact you have just spent an obscene amount of money on something a 10 year old could have designed.

Ho ho ho……


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