Getting in on the action

So what gets on your tits (or man boobs)?

I wanna know if you have any ideas for future rants but can’t be arsed to write a post about it yourself.

Post a comment below and if I falls into the very big category of things that wind me up I may perform a bit of catharsis for you.



4 thoughts on “Getting in on the action

  1. Deliveries. I have waited 2weeks for my new sofa, got rid of the old one and have been sitting on the floor for a day awaiting the arrival between 7pm-10pm. In preparation of said new sofa I have steamed and shampooed the carpet (fresh start et al), haven’t decorated for xmas either as wanted to make sure sofa was the priority. 15mins before 7pm Driver calls to say he cannot make it but can he deliver tomorrow. However, husband and I are both out all day. Driver says ‘oh well I cannot do any other day’, looks like I will be without a sofa for another week and will have a numb bum until then. Very annoyed.

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