After a hard day at work all I want to do is veg out in front of the TV but during December my enjoyment of the brain rot box is severely impaired by  the amount of shite adverts on TV. I honestly cannot believe people get paid for coming up with this crap.

Perfume adverts – WTF are they about? Apparently you take pretty man/woman, put them in a situation that has nothing to do with perfume and have some voice over saying something vapid that is supposed to be (I guess) inspirational/aspirational. I’m sorry but what does Liv Tyler in a speedboat have to do with perfume, unless it smells like dirty river? And if you use some Diesel aftershave you’ll end up talking like a twat. That Chanel advert with the press conference, what’s that selling eau de sweaty journalist? Please stop the nonsense and maybe, just maybe think about telling us what the stuff smells like. It will be almost like your selling perfume.

Pampers, do you realise you ad campaign makes you sound like your holding vaccines hostage? Don’t buy our nappies and this kid won’t get this medicine. Fail.

Has anyone else noticed that the girl the Pandora adverts looks like she has been Tangoed? Some needs to shoot the make-up artists, she looks like shes been coated in a dusting of ginger nut biscuits.

You really expect us to believe that Cheryl Cole dyes her hair at home? Yeah right, why do these beauty adverts treat us like idiots. We also know that model with the anti-wrinkle cream is 21.

Finally, I do not want to see someones foot being shaved on TV. Puke.



4 thoughts on “Adverts

  1. That Dove advert where the woman’s stood in front of the mirror shaving her arm pits. I don’t know a single person who would be stupid enough to do that!

  2. Crappy Wonga adverts with those old people puppets. I have to mute it. And the halifax one where they sing “ISA ISA Baby”. ARGH!

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