Once Christmas is over thoughts will often turn to summer holidays, we all need something to get us through those dark January days, but I can assure you one way I will never be spending my summer holidays is under canvas. I DON’T DO TENTS.

The last time I went camping was with an ex and I spent a miserable week in a tiny tent, sleeping on what appeared to be a thistle patch, with a man who had serious flatulence. This was not a holiday this was hell en (canvas) croute.

Why would anyone want to choose to holiday in something that is a more primitive version of their house is a mystery to me. Bricks and mortar are seemingly to much luxury for some people.

And you might argue that you now have water and electricity when camping, but you know what else has running water, electricity and walls – a hotel!

If I was faced with the choice of cheap camping or  staying a home, I’d go for the option when I’m not likely to be attacked by a ferrel badger (that’s home btw).

Glamping – don’t kid yourself you’re still in a tent and crapping in a concrete block.


4 thoughts on “Camping

  1. I’m with you on this one….last time I went camping, it was for a festival and although the festival itself was fab, the camping was not especially when you have to go to the toilet in the middle of the night in a block which is 10 minutes away from your tent…and walking to this said toilet block in your pyjamas & wellies {in the mud}…not a good look! Then the torrential rain that bounced of said tent…good job I had a bottle or two of vino inside me to help me sleep! 🙂 xx

  2. Ha! I would only put a tent up in the living room. Flatulence in an enclosed space would lead me to kill. But, on the brightside if I did kill someone at least the police don’t have to put up their own tent.

  3. I would quite like to like camping because i really want to go to a music festival, however i dont. I detest it! I want to be able to pee without worrying about being attacked by an animal (or more likely spider lol)

  4. Hi I love your post… as a middle aged woman I did not feel that I could ever go camping again as the last time was 40plus years before with the school…. also I did spend a lot of years (lucky me) in 5star hotels… however I went camping 2yrs ago in a POSH tent with all the GEAR (bedroom and Living area) … (get a tent you can stand up in, with rooms)… and the weather was great!…. really enjoyed it…. does depend on the weather… and the facilities.. one in Cornwall had great showers, music, hairdryers etc…… Also do not go anywhere with KIDS…….

    PS love the idea of a RANTY blog…. I was thinking of a middle aged ranty blog because there are so many more things to rant about (when you get past 45)…xxx

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