Motorways – if you don’t know how to drive on the motorway, is it not OK to drive at 50 mph in the middle lane. This will not keep you safe it will merely cause everyone else to hate you. Take the train!

Humbugs – yes you don’t like Christmas, yes you insist in telling us every 5 minutes. How about you shut up (take of that stupid black santa hat) and let the rest of us enjoy ourselves.

Facebook – why do people insist on using Facebook like their diary. Those people who share every intimate detail of their lives. The blow by blow account of their break-ups and make-ups. The ones who seemingly spend all  playing quizzes, joining groups and liking stuff  but don’t know how to turn off the notifications. Like you give a crap they like  some boy band/TV show/YouTube video.  The ones who tell you when they fart! If you want to update people on the daily drudge of you life in intimate detail please do the decent thing and get a Twitter account.

Celery– anyone who says they like celery must be a liar, it tastes like piss.


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