Originality fail

In one of my other lives I read a lot of blogs, in particular wedding blogs and when I started to plan my wedding nearly two years ago there was only a of them around, now they seem to be springing up all over the place. But I’m afraid to say most don’t do a lot for me.

Now I have nothing against girls sharing their stories but when it comes to semi-pro blogs there is a deluge out there seemingly all doing the same thing. The focus in invariably is on photography or fashion, like that’s all that makes up a wedding. The biggest nightmare and biggest expense we had when planning our wedding was finding a venue but you’ll be lucky if you ever find useful information about this on a wedding blog.

Also it seems that half the blogs around seem to be writing for other industry professionals and not for brides, this puzzles me greatly.

I would love to see a new, fresh wedding blog that wasn’t just a re-hash of a dozen other blogs out there. The cynic in me thinks that people just want an easy life so to create a successful blog they just copy what is already working for someone else. This will just cause the industry to stagnate and we won’t see new ideas coming through if everyone’s blog is just showing the same old thing. Please no more vintage wedding blogs, the market is more saturated than a wet dog. It’s like people are afraid of being to niche as heaven forbid they might not get 1000 of views within a few weeks of launching.

I’d rather have a few hundred visits that we’re real brides interested in what I was saying, than thousands, of whom most are industry professionals anyway.

When I planning my wedding these were my favourite blogs and they still continue to be among the best around.

http://www.rocknrollbride.com/ – alternative kick ass wedding

http://www.whimsicalwonderlandweddings.com – an great eclectic mix of weddings

http://www.omgimgettingmarried.com/ fresh and contemporary, very fashion forward

http://www.lovemydress.net/ best of vintage style

http://beyondbeyond.co.uk/blog/ gorgeous style and just fooking funny

http://www.london-bride.com/ just fabulous style

And starting a wedding blog to try and get free or discounted stuff for your wedding, not cool!


20 thoughts on “Originality fail

  1. Wow, thanks so much Abbie, its so nice to be included in the list above, especially among some blogs I really look up to. I’m totes obsessed with this new Ranty Girl blog. Nice idea, tres witty and hilarious. Nice to know people share my inner rage at towards some things 😉 xx love love xx

  2. Exactly what I have been screaming out aloud for a long time. I like you planned my wedding 2 years ago (we used to chat to each other on Twitter, remember?) and I still read the same old wedding blogs now but there are a lot springing up everywhere and they’re all same old however I have spotted a couple of excellent ones.

    I do hope peeps are not starting blogs just to get freebies and discounts because that is just plain sad.

    When we used to chat together we both mentioned about the crap wedding suppliers out there and the minefield for engaged couples to sift through. I certainly came across some monsters during my own wedding planning. This is something I am working on now and will hopefully be able to provide a valuable resource online for others. I won’t be recommending peeps just because they have given me a freebie or a paid sponsor. I will be sorting the wheat from the chaff, so to speak. Finding the bargains, the quality and the suppliers with passion for what they do.

    There are a lot of areas which are not covered by blogs for fear of being unpopular with readers, well, I shall not be following the trend and shall be providing a blog I promised I would do back in 2010. And there aint gonna be a dot of vintage on it.

  3. The quote about a lot of blogs seemingly writing for industry professionals is so true and yes, baffling! I do sometimes wonder when I see yet again a wedding blog writing personal posts about other blogs/ comments/ views on the industry who exactly are they writing for? If I were a bride to be and stumbled across some wedding blogs who do a lot of this I’d probably stumble away.

    I’d like to say we {brideandchic} are not like this. We don’t take ourselves seriously, we don’t have endless photo shoots of ourselves and we basically just post about cool, pretty, awesome stuff we see and like which may work for your wedding and which we wished we’d seen before our own. We don’t do a lot of real weddings either as there are so many out there who do it so well {rnr bride, rmw, www}

    I agree re the venue thing, unless it’s a manor house or a castle there is little out there on the web that shows cool, quirky or unique venues.

    Unless you are chez London.


    • oh the personal post thing drives me potty.

      It’s like they are just filling up space and as a bride i had no interest in the woes of a wedding blogger unless it had to do with planning a wedding. yes weddings remember those.

      I think when people are really clear and honest about their purpose, goals and where they fit in the market they can decide if they have a worthwhile product

  4. I find this very interesting as I started a blog called Bristol Wedding News back in June and it has 5 posts per week with features on local venues, great local suppliers, planning tips and useful dates like Wedding fairs.

    I sometimes have compared it to some blogs and thought I should be more like them but your comments make a lot of sense and I want it to be a useful tool for Brides and not just a monologue of what I’m doing/thinking.


  5. I will admit when I first saw my link on here I was a leeeetle worried I was a cause of your rant but alas – quite the opposite, how fabulous! I think when we all started blogging a few years ago – we all worked with a passion to start them up and by finding our niche and styles and believe we’ve all continued to develop and grow them. There are so many wedding blogs around now that it’s even more important to be original, do something different and put your own stamp on things so they are engaging as well as a good resource.

    I hope people aren’t just doing it to get free stuff (if so, good luck – I’ve not been offered anything for my wedding!) and also, they won’t last long and won’t gain respect from the industry if so.

    In terms of more ‘useful’ blogs, I agree that there aren’t many of those. I guess for me there is a fine line between providing inspiration and advice and then doing a job that some people are trying to earn a living out of (ie wedding planners!) so I feel slightly protective on that one but that’s just because of what I do 🙂 I’m sure however there is a way of doing both successfully!

    Keep up the rants. It’s a rather cathartic exercise!

  6. Hello! Thank you for including my blog in this wee ranty feature 🙂

    I feature beautiful weddings, some of which feature vintage/era inspired elements {however you want to interpret that} amongst other things. I also write the odd personal post – but I’ve always been clear that Love My Dress is also a place for me to document my personal journey into self employment though, so my blog does appeal to industry people too yes, and I’m very comfortable with that also.
    I live eat and breathe Love My Dress – it’s the real deal for me and I’ve been doing this for over two years now. I love how my blog has inspired Brides/my readers as well as inspired and connected industry people too. My formula works for me. Not everyone has to like it – as long as my Sponsors and Readers do, I’ll carry on as is. I’m super happy with my blog, my reader stats, my feedback and the direction my brand is taking as a business {now outside the realms of my blog infact – v exciting}.
    I have no interest in participating in the anti-vintage rant though – I am not even sure what a ‘vintage wedding is’ and stopped categorising weddings as ‘vintage’ on my blog around a year ago. I simply like a certain style of wedding, call if vintage if you want to. I think a whole lot of people are getting their knickers in a twist about it and need a chamomile tea, but that’s not my problem 🙂
    As for other blogs, I see lots popping up, but I’ve worked hard for my blog, made great industry contacts, obtained respect for my brand and so, I don’t worry about it or let it annoy me because I am confident in what I have created through Love My Dress and work hard to maintain it 🙂 That’s not to say I know that all these other ‘pop-up’ blogs could potentially dilute the value of my blog, but that gives me a great reason to make Love My Dress even better. I feel I fill a niche well and I have my own style/voice – which others, try as they might, cannot imitate. So its onward and upwards for Love My Dress.
    Anyway bravo for your rant my friend, pleased to be of former inspiration to you as a Bride to be and delighted to be your new industry friend and acquaintance Mrs Bojangles 🙂

    ps – Charley, RESPECT for the Wedding Planner. I don’t know how you guys do it! xXx

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