Guest ranters

Well this whole Ranty Girl thing seems a bit popular, it’s now had in excess of 2000 views since it launched on Monday and for a new blog I don’t think that’s too bad. I’ve already had people asking to do guest rants and I’m happy to share the stage (unless its karaoke and then that microphone is mine, bitch) so here is the first one from Sharon.

Overpriced fashion spreads.
I don’t know about you but when I spend less than £2 on a weekly fashion magazine I’m buying it for a weekly dose of lifestyle, fashion & beauty advice. I’d like to see what beauty products they recommend that I can afford to buy myself, what nice recipes they’re featuring and maybe, just maybe, some clothes I might want to buy. What I don’t want is to look at a fashion spread featuring trousers that cost £7,000. That’s the point when I just flick past all those pages until I get to the make up section. I get the whole point of fashion being ‘aspirational’, but in this age of austerity shouldn’t publishers be promoting affordable fashion or ways to recreate the look at a 100th of the price? Yes I suppose some people who buy these magazines have a healthy disposable income but I’d hazard a guess that less than 1% of the readership can actually afford a £3,000 blouse. And I’d hope enough of those are intelligent women, with enough savvy to realise that no item of clothing (unless it’s say, an amazing wedding dress), is ever going to be worth more than a months rent!

Mascara adverts
Following on from the mascara rant, why are advertisers allowed to have ‘lash inserts’ featured in their mascara adverts? Ok, so they now have to tell us (which also, kind of insults our intelligence (and our eyes)), but isn’t that like someone advertising a mini but featuring a Porsche in the advert and adding into the small print ‘oh this isnt a mini, this is a Porsche-but it’s just so you can see how a mini could look if we totally lied to you). I cant think of any other product where you can get away with it so blatantly and it drives me flipping bonkers!

‘Ultimate’ products.
This washing liquid is our ‘ultimate’ formula. No it’s not, it’s just the best you can make at the moment. In 6 months time you’ll have discovered a better formulation-but what are you going to call that one eh? ‘More Ultimate’?! Just say it’s an improved formula-stop making out like it’s not going to get any better. Because we all know that it will be…


2 thoughts on “Guest ranters

  1. Brilliant-3 of my very own personal pet peeves summed up wonderfully! The mascara thing especially drives me mad-isn’t the point of advertising to show us how something ‘actually’ looks not how it would look with lash inserts and a healthy dose of CGI!

    • It’s madness isn’t it. I’ve been trying to think of any other ads that do the same thing and genuinely can’t think of any-it amazes me what they get away with!

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