Ok so it may seem like I’m bitching on my own kind but ladies you just make me mad some time.

First of all I was watching TV and some anti-aging cream brand claimed that X% of women couldn’t live without their night cream. WTF! You can’t live without air……..water………food. This is exactly the kind of thing that makes women look vapid and stupid and helps these snake oil peddlers get away with making us feel like we have to spend all out hard earned cash on a looking younger. Here’s my anti-aging tip – eat well, sleep well, live well, engage brain once in a while.

Mascara, as far as I’m concerned it’s just a way to torture you eyes. I love how wearing it draws attention to my blood shot eyes caused by all the chemicals I’ve just shoved in my eye. Then when you come to try and get the stuff off, apply water and it will run freely off your lashes but will stick to you face like a bitch. No matter how much you try to get the stuff off it, washing it just seems to move it round your face. One night of lashes leads to three days of looking like you been punched in the face.

High heels, why do we do it to ourselves? Ok this one is brought on purely by the fact I’m in agony today after wearing a ridiculously high heels last night. Every time we go out my husband asks me ‘are you going to be able to walk in those’ I tell him that or course I can, that they are deceptively comfortable. And always by the end of the night I end up looking like a bad Tina Turner look a like, as I try and run for a taxi without crying. I love high heels but from now on I’m just going to use them for decorative purposes.

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