As a vegetarian I get particularly offended by spam, but I do (surprisingly) have a tolerance however doing any of the following will pretty much make me rage on your face.

Undisclosed recipients- if I see this in an email header and then you make out your sending me something personal it will be deleted. I even got one of these from a PR firm recently, you should bloody well know better.

My name is Abbie – not Abi, or Abbi, or Abby, nor even Abbey. It’s in the prefix to my email address you twonk. Delete.

Blog comments – using comments sections on blogs to promote your business. F-off cheapskate and pay for advertising like everyone else.

Twitter – just so you know I don’t need an iPhone, iPod, iPad or a woman that particular angle, so do me a favour and jog on.


2 thoughts on “Spam!

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