Fringe rage – so I get a fringe cut and my husband hates it. I mean he is constantly moaning about this fringe. So I get it cut and now the damn thing is poking me in the eye. So I have sore eyes, red, bloodshot eyes and stupid looking hair.

Trolley rage – if you steal a trolley from a supermarket and dump it in the street, you are a chav.

Road rage – why do people buy fast cars and drive them like they are motor scooters? Either put your foot down or get out of my way jack ass.

Twitter rage – wondering why I follow people who are annoying/spammy/rude etc. Then realised that my twitter feed is a dictatorship and not a democracy and that what the unfollow button is there for.

X-factor rage- it’s just the most stupid show in the world. Ever!


12 thoughts on “Rage

  1. Ikea rage: when you manage to keep your cool the whilst looking for a parking space, all the way round the shop, and even when trying to get past a dawdler who strolls right out into your way as you’re trying to get through the market place but then….then there’s a woman, with a trolley and a toddler, at the express checkout, who holds up the whole queue in order to buy ONE BAR OF CHOCOLATE. And pays for it with credit card. And has a whole trolley, just for that chocolate bar.

  2. X Factor – 12 hours in a queue under signs that Syco own your ass. Nien Danke. My daughter will not be going ever again unless she is over 18. It is all a damn lie and one that everyone is prepared to believe in. Why?

    Ikea – necessary evil. Though the Pensioner is taking all the seamstresses there tomorrow as a treat??

    Super cars – you nearly crash trying to see which hot footballer is driving them and then its just a rich old bloke with no sex appeal

    Fringes – pah mine looks like I’ve had a frontal lobotomy atm and that they went in above the eybrows and didn’t clean up too well. The directional purple has faded to Dot Cotton and I look slightly simple.

    DMs are not the place for contraversial info – too bloody annoying and will only add to fury

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