Premier rant

So today the things that have irked me:

Ombre – I don’t care what you say, to me it will always be Matt Le Blanc in a white cowboy suit. What’s wrong with the word monochromatic? Takes up too many letters on twitter or summat?

Mortgage indemnity – the new government policy to save the housing market is offering government backed deposits for first time buyers but only on new build houses. How the hell is this supposed to help those of us who need first time buyers to buy our non-new build houses? And who the hell is going to build these houses since they cut pretty much all the capital funding for new housing. Idiots.

Opportunists – people who swoop on an issue made popular by a blogger and instead of commenting on the blog, go off and write their response on their own blog. There’s a lot of this going on and it’s just rude.  If you have something to say on an issue have the courtesy to say it on the original post.

Rain – just because it’s raining and my cat doesn’t know how to wipe her feet.


25 thoughts on “Premier rant

  1. My hair is ombre, not monochromatic.

    AND why back people into buying more shoddily built new homes when there’s a wealth of historic properties that could be recycled?

    I think I’m going to like this soap box thing…

  2. Brilliant, and blimey F-Cup!

    Can I add, when you order from a website why the hell doesn’t it tell you at the time of ordering and paying when it’s out of stock, not a bloody email 7 hours later. If you’re in a shop you can’t buy something that doesnt exist you go somewhere else.

    Aaah better thanks RantyGirl

  3. I really can’t vent as much as I want to. However a couple of things have annoyed me today.
    1. Check your facts
    2. Don’t use bold type or italics to make a point – use language
    3. Emails – I work in a shop – how quick can I reply? Not very – don’t get cross or I will have to build the cost of a secretary into the cost of a dress
    4. Junk mail – wtf is an Archie voucher and why don’t they stay put
    5 one of my 0% credit cards has expired and I am running out of new options pre Christmas
    6. Teenage children? Discuss? There should be a Dog is for Life campaign
    7. why did I find a picture of me in a bikini weighing 9 stone when looking for Chritmas decs in the stirage boxes. Hardly seasonal – or helpful in cocktail and pie season!
    8. Football on a Monday – wrong
    9. Skyrim – crack pipe for boys – I’d say
    10. Landline calls at home to my ex directory number are all pre recorded calls about mis sold payment protection. How and why do they think this wil work…

  4. I like the idea of having a good rant. Very good for stress reduction. The only point I would disagree with is that the new mortgage scheme is part of a new get Britain building scheme which puts £500 million into the Market to build the new homes that have been stopped by builders, which should in turn bolster the economy by providing employment to those in the house building sector. Sorry *sneaks off*

    • My issue is that it only props up one rung of the property ladder and it about propping up the building trade rather than the wider housing market. Yes, we need more housing but we also need mobility within the existing market to help recovery.

      • The main problems that all our property wealth and wealth in general is with the over 60s and not the young upwardly mobile generations.

        I agree in helping first time buyers which should mean the whole Market can shift up a rung, but as you say it shouldn’t just be restricted to new builds but the open Market.

        It’s worse in London where friends are renting tiny flats to save up a deposit to buy an even tinier flat in a worse area!

      • Totally agree. I’m in the position of trying to sell my flat but there’s no one put there to buy it. So I’m stuck, the people above me are stuck and so on and so on.

        It’s so frustrating.

  5. professional writers (ie bloggers) who randomly capitalise pointless words..yesterday i saw one that took the BISCUIT! since when should the word ‘confidence’ be capitalised in the middle of a freaking sentance?

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